SAGE Student Theses

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Alganci, U., M. Ozdogan, E. Sertel, and C. Ormeci. Yield Estimation in Southeastern Turkey with Integrated Use of Satellite Images, Meteorological Data, and Digital Camera Pictures. Submitted to Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment.

Carlson, K.M., J.C. Gaskell, E.M. Bennett, H.K. Gibbs, N. Walker, R. DeFries, R. D. Garrett, X. Giam, A. Iles, M.S. Luskin, L. Mandle, C. Kremen.  Agricultural supply chain structure and embodied ecosystem services. Submitted to Ecology and Society.

Carpenter, S.R., E.G. Booth, S. Gillon, C.J. Kucharik, S. Loheide, A. Mase, M. Motew, J. Qiu, A. Rissman, J. Seifert, E. Soylu, M.G. Turner, C.B. Wardropper. Changing Drivers and Plausible Futures of a Social-Ecological System: Yahara Watershed, Wisconsin, USA.  Submitted to Ecology and Society (August 2014).

Cruse, M.J. and C.J. Kucharik. Testing a simple apparatus to provide continuous measurements of total, direct beam, and diffuse photosynthetically active radiation. In revision at PLOS ONE.

Cruse, M.J. and C.J. Kucharik. Testing a simple apparatus to provide continuous measurements of total, direct beam, and diffuse photosynthetically active radiation. Submitted to Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (Nov. 2013).

Gibbs, H.K.J.M. Munger, P. Barreto, J. Le’Roe, R. Pereira, M. Christie, T. Amaral, N Walker. Zero-Deforestation Agreements Transformed Cattle Supply Chains in the Brazilian Amazon. Submitted to Conservation Letters)

Hahn M.B., J.H. Epstein, E.S. Gurley, M.S. Islam S.P. Luby, Daszak P, and J.A. Patz. Roosting behavior and habitat selection of Pteropus giganteus reveals potential links to Nipah virus epidemiology. (Journal of Applied Ecology)

Hahn M.B., R.E. Gangnon, C. Barcellos, G.P. Asner, and J.A. Patz. Influence of deforestation, roads, selective logging, and fire on malaria risk in the Amazon Basin of Brazil. (PloSONE)

Ozdogan, M. Automated forest disturbance mapping with Support Vector Machines and incomplete training data. Submitted to Remote Sensing of Environment

Perillo, A.C. and C.J. Kucharik.  Use of insect exclusion cages in soybean creates an unnatural microclimate and differential plant response.  Submitted to Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (August, 2014).

Rentsch, A. and M. Ozdogan. The effects of urbanization and forest clearing on peak flows in the Salt River Basin, Kentucky, Journal of American Water Resources Association, submitted.

Schneider, A.  Monitoring land cover change in urban and peri-urban areas using dense time stacks of Landsat satellite data and a data mining approach.  Submitted to Remote Sensing of Environment.

Soylu, M.E., S.P. Loheide, and C.J. Kucharik.  Effects of Root Distribution and Root Water Compensation on Plant Water Use in Groundwater Influenced Ecosystems, Submitted to Water Resources Research, February 2014 (in revision).

Van Den Hoek, J., M. Ozdogan, A. Burnicki, and A-X.Zhu. Putting Recent Chinese Forest Dynamics in Context: Landsat-Derived Cross-Scale Forest Cover Change in the Priority Reforestation Area of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Southwest China, Remote Sensing of Environment, submitted.

Yang, Y. and M. Ozdogan. Trends of evapotranspiration in the Tarim Basin during the past forty years: Land use or climate change? Geophysical Research Letters, submitted.

Accepted or in Press

Alganci, U., E. Sertel, M. Ozdogan, and C. Ormeci. Parcel-level crop type identification using different classification algorithms and multiresolution imagery in southeastern Turkey. Accepted to Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing.

Biggs, T., S. Christopher, G. Anju, J.-P. Venot, T.N. Chase, and E. Lee. Irrigation and aerosol forcing of heat fluxes and surface temperature, southern India. Water Resources Research, in press (Abstract)

Gibbs, H.K.,and S. Yui. New Geographically-Explicit Estimates of Soil and Biomass Carbon Stocks by GTAP Region and AEZ. Global Trade and Analysis Project (GTAP) Refereed Technical Paper Series (in press).

Hahn M.B., E.S. Gurley, J.H. Epstein, M.S. Islam, J.A. Patz, P. Daszak, and S Luby. The role of landscape composition and configuration on Pteropus giganteus roosting ecology and Nipah virus spillovr risk in Bangladesh. (AJTMH)

Hahn M.B., S. Olson, A. Vittor., C. Barcellos, J.A. Patz, and W. Pan. Conservation efforts and malaria in the Brazilian Amazon. (AJTMH)

Lee, E., T.N. Chase, B. Rajagopalan, and P.J. Lawrence. Model assessment of the observed relationship between El Niño and the East Asian summer monsoon using the CCSM Community Atmosphere Model-Community Land Model version 3 (CAM-CLM3). Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres doi:10.1029/2008JD009926, in press (Abstract)

Liu, M.W., M. Ozdogan, and J. Zhu. Mapping crop types using data from multiple different resolutions simultaneously. Accepted to IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing.

Meyfroidt, P., K. Carlson, M. Fagan, V, Gutierrez-Velez, M. Macedo, L. Curran, R. DeFries, G. Dyer, H.K. Gibbs,  E. Lambin, D. Morton, V. Robiglio (2014). Multiple pathways of expansion of commodity crops in tropical forest landscapes. (Accepted, Environmental Research Letters) 

Olson, S.H,. and J.A. Patz ( 2010). Global environmental change and tick-borne disease incidence. Institute of Medicine Committee on Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Diseases: The State of the Science. Accepted Oct. 7, 2010, 20 pp. (Draft article)

Ozdogan, M. and A. Kurban. Chapter 15: The Effects of Spatial Resolution on Vegetation Area Estimates in the Lower Tarim Basin, NW China.  In: Chen, J., Wan, S., Henebry, G., Qi, J., Gutman, G., Sun, G., and Kappas, M., eds. Dryland East Asia (DEA): Land Dynamics Amid Social and Climate Change. HEP-De Gruyter Publishers, in press.

Plevin, R. H.K. Gibbs, J. Duffy, S. Yui and S. Yeh. Agro-ecological zone emission factor model. Global Trade and Analysis Project (GTAP) Refereed Technical Paper Series. (in press)



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Lark, T.J., J.M. Salmon, and H.K. Gibbs (2015). Cropland expansion outpaces agricultural and biofuel policies in the United States. Environmental Research Letters 10, no. 4 (April 1, 2015): 044003. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/10/4/044003. (Article)


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Carpenter, S.R., E.G. Booth, C.J. Kucharik, and R.C. Lathrop (2014). Extreme Daily Loads: Role in Annual Phosphorus Input to a North Temperate Lake. Aquatic Sciences, DOI 10.1007/s00027-014-0364-5. Published online: 02 August 2014

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