Recent News Highlights:

• Jonathan Patz presents an article showing that actions on climate change bring better health at the "Civil Society Event on Action in Climate Change and Health" in New York. Acting U.S. Surgeon General Boris Lushniak; Maria Neira, World Health Organization (WHO) director for public health and the environment; Gina McCarthy, administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; and many others will also participate in the event. The study includes SAGE professor Tracey Holloway along with other UW professors. (9/23/14)

New research by Caitlin Kontgis, Annemarie Schneider and collaborators on Monitoring peri-urbanization in the greater Ho Chi Minh City metropolitan area, was published in Applied Geography (8/27/14)

SAGE alum Micah Hahn publishes paper on her PhD work on the Nipah virus in Bangladesh, "Sweet and Deadly: Bat-Borne Virus Brews in Bangladesh’s Date Palm Pots"

• Maggie Grabow and Jonathan Patz took part in a briefing for legislators at the Capitol on the economic and health benefits of bicycling in Wisconsin (5/13/14)

• Professor Tracey Holloway was featured in a Nature article focusing on her recent work helping to found the Earth Science Women's Network in 2002, lead its effort to become a non-profit, and touches on "turning points" in her career since college. (4/9/14) 

Updated: 9/23/14

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