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• Holly Gibbs' new study published in the journal Conservation Letters highlights the response of JBS slaughterhouses and ranchers to the Zero-Deforestation Cattle Agreements in the Brazilian Amazon state of Pará. These agreements were signed starting in 2009, and now include 2/3 of federally inspected slaughterhouses in the Legal Amazon.  The study was led by a team of colleagues in the U.S. and Brazil including the National Wildlife Federation and Imazon.

• Jonathan Patz
co-authored an op-ed published on "Doctors are already seeing links between climate change and their patients’ health" (5/5/15)

Read the Huffington Post Blog by Jonathan Patz and Jason Vargo "Sustainable Cities Work for Climate Change" posted 4/29/15

• Maggie Grabow has won a fellowship in the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health to work on mindfulness and climate change (a project linking human behavior and actions toward low-carbon lifestyle). (4/25/15)

• Valerie Stull won a Fulbright Student Award for her dissertation on meal-worms and sustainable agriculture and nutrition. (4/25/15)

Congratulations to Professor Annemarie Schneider on her promotion to Associate Professor with tenure! (4/9/15)

• Holly Gibbs was nominated as an Honored Instructor by the University Housing Academic Initiatives for here work in teaching Geog / Env St 309 (4/9/15)

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