Recent News Highlights:

• Chris Kucharik and colleagues publish paper in Nature, "Direct human influence on atmospheric CO2 seasonality from increased cropland productivity" (Nov 2014)

• Mallika Nocco was awarded a 2-year EPA Star Fellowship grant for her research project "Potatoes for Trout: Managing Agricultural and Aquatic Ecosystem Services in the Wisconsin Central Sands" (Oct 2014)

• Chris Kucharik's lab group research of "Madison's Urban Heat Island" is highlighted in local media. Their paper published in the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology was aimed at helping the Madison region plan for the future, to think about the impacts of the structures and local environments it creates. (Oct 2014)

• Jason Vargo
, Assistant Scientist at SAGE, will present "Our Urban Nature" at the Independently organized TEDx UW-Madison event "Designing Change", Nov 1, Memorial Union Great Hall.

The Earth Science Women's Network, co-founded by Prof. Tracey Holloway, is now a non-profit organization made up of more than 2,000 women across the globe (10/14/14)

Updated: 11/24/14

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